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Tis' The Season

Buying that special gift, parties and well wishes to all. Well, that is the initial feeling. For many unscrupulous scrooges this is the season for thieving.

All your hard work, money and good intentions could be a payday for someone else if you don't pay attention and take precautions.

Be aware of your surroundings when out shopping. Sounds simple enough but trying to fill that list and keep track of where you are going can be distracting.

If it can be avoided please don't shop alone. More eyes are better and more bodies are more of a deterrent than a lone individual.

Basic tips for regular shopping have been around for years so lets talk a little about handling things online.

Do not use an open unsecured wifi network to shop with your computer or phone. When you sign on to an open network you leave yourself open to hackers who can get your financial information from your phone or laptop.

Please ensure you are actually on the site you intend to be. If you follow a link to a web page from your Email or Blog or anyplace other than going directly to the site please ensure you are actually there. The Wanted Channel posts affiliate links to Amazon and several other vendors. These are legitimate but we always recommend you check regardless of the source.

If you can not be at home when packages are to be delivered please make some form of arrangements so your packages are not sitting on your front porch. Every watch The Wanted Channel?....

And finally Break down your boxes and either bag them, burn them or haul them away. Don't set them out by the curb as an advertisement of what is inside your house.

There are hundreds of Holiday tips out there, do something to keep you and yours safe.

Season Greetings, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from The Wanted Channel.

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