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  There has always been a disconnect between Law Enforcement and the public and even within Law Enforcement when it comes to sharing information.  This was especially evident on 9/11/2001 when this lack of communication played a key role in allowing that tragedy to occur.

  Today we have seen great improvements in information sharing and now with many agencies adopting the power of social media we can expand this to the public.

As a 22 year retired Police veteran I have seen the importance of information sharing and firmly believe that Law Enforcement's most powerful tool is you, the public.

  With this website, and our Social media pages, we strive to build a nationwide network of informed citizens and Law Enforcement Officers who's primary goal is to get the bad guys off our streets and keep our communities safe.

Our motto here at The Wanted Channel is

"Stay Informed and Stay Safe". 

We want to provide you with the information to empower you to assist Law Enforcement by being additional eyes on the street.

DO NOT attempt to approach, detain, follow or arrest any individual based on this web site's information. As information becomes dated it may become less accurate. Because some wanted persons are being sought for crimes of violence, or are known to be armed, all wanted persons should be considered dangerous. If you have information regarding the identity or whereabouts of any wanted person immediately contact your local law enforcement agency.

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