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Welcome to The Wanted Channel Blog

Blog Blog Blog Everyone says ya gotta have a Blog.

Well this will be the first Blog post for The Wanted Channel to just lay some of the ground work in regards to information.

If you didn't see it on the “About” page My name is Troy Brazie and I am a retired Police Officer with 22 years of service. I've seen a lot and I know a lot about the topics I’ll be covering in this Blog which are going to be geared towards Safety, Security, Information Sharing and generally stuff to keep you and yours safe.

What I am not is a writer. I abuse punctuation and have been called Captain Comma. I’m not here to put out a grammatically perfect piece so you are going to see some errors.

As part of the introduction to the web page and our social media presence I would like to state that we are not a “Pay to Remove” site. We do not accept, solicit or otherwise benefit financially from the removal of individuals pictures from our site or social media platforms. We only publish information and images provided by Law Enforcement, News Media and Crimestoppers groups.

We will also only publish Wanted Persons, Persons of Interest, Attempts to Identify persons. We do our best to not post stolen property or missing/runaway persons.

We are a “For Profit” business. This is a business and the way we do this is through advertising. We limit and do our best not to inundate you with ads but they are there.

We hope that through our blog we can inform, enlighten and give you more tools to keep you and yours safe. It’s a crazy world out there but we are not without resources to mitigate the dangers. Please join us and share our pages with others you believe would be interested in this information.

Stay informed and Stay Safe

CEO The Wanted Channel

Troy Brazie

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